Workshop on "Verification of the system of evaluation of learning outcomes achieved by the trainee of the vocational training program".

On November 13-14, GAEN organized a workshop on "Verification of the Learning Outcome Evaluation System achieved by a vocational training student".

Verification is an internal quality assurance mechanism of the evaluation system used to ensure that the evaluation tool, the evaluation process and the evidence created as a result of the evaluation comply with the requirements set for the evaluation system.

The facilitators of the vocational training program "Light Sewing" were invited to the workshop, with the participation of which the verification of evaluation tools / evidence was carried out.

The following key issues were discussed during the two-day meeting:

Quality assurance in the implementation of vocational training and vocational training programs;

Listener evaluation system;

Requirements for the evaluation system and target processes;

Verification of the evaluation process;

Verification of evaluation tools and evaluation evidence.

GAEN always cares about the quality of the implementation of the vocational training program and supports the development of the staff involved in the process.

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14 November