Vocational training program - sewing lightweight tailoring products

Program Objectives:

The aim of the program is to provide students with basic skills in light clothing for men and women, as well as sewing linen, in compliance with safety standards.

Short description of the program:

The program was developed taking into account the requirements of adult / community education centers, regions, local communities and employers. The program should promote the economic empowerment and employment of adults through education. The program aims to give listeners basic cutting-and-sewing skills over a 13-week period, enabling them to sew on-demand, less complex clothing for men and women, as well as bed and table linen. A graduate with these skills can be employed in an enterprise or become self-employed. Upon successful completion of the program, the applicant will receive a state-recognized certificate.

Program Duration in weeks: 13 weeks

Weekly training hours: 6 hours

Number of listeners per group: minimum 3 maximum 10

Prerequisites for admission to the program: - Basic level of general education; - Reaching the age of 18

Learning Outcomes:

1. Observance of safety rules when working with sewing machines and heat-sealing machines;

2. Sewing light clothing for men and women;

3. Sewing bed and table linen.

31 May