P[ART] of Community


From 1st September Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN) is a partner of NGO “Youth Alternative” and implementing project “P[ART] of Community” in Koda and Jvari.  Project will bring together youth among IDPs, representatives of IDPs’ NGOs, local youth and activists in order to strengthen their inter-communal relations as well as promote integration and social cohesion via art. It helps to reflect prejudices and cure traumatic experiences. All artistic activities will be accompanied by trainings on active citizenship for youth. Within this project trainings will be held on cross-border cooperation. Youngsters have to prepare letter for local authorities to get permission for street art. participants will gained artistic skills and learn how to develop sketches and create murals with specific messages such as youth activism, conflict, integration,  stereotypes and etc. Participants are IDP youth, local youth and representatives of NGOs dealing with IDPs issues. Project is funded by The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.