Supproting Non-formal Adult Education Development and Strengthening in Georgia - 2022


The project “Supporting Non-formal Adult Education Development and Strengthening in Georgia” is implemented by GAEN from January 2022 with the financial support of the DVV-International Georgian office. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Georgian Adult Education Network’s (GAEN) member organizations, Implementation activities promoting, recognizing, and development of non-formal adult education in Georgia.


  • Implementing systematic activities to support the institutional development of the network's member centers and their staff.
  • Raising public awareness of the concept of lifelong learning and non-formal adult education and promoting the popularization of the network's member AE and CE Centers.
  • Networking with international and local partners, sharing experience.
  • Implementing financial support activities for the network and its member organizations.
  • Supporting implementation and recognition of vocational training/retraining programs in the network member organizations.